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Services Provided

Intervention Strategies provides "Another Way" to treat our clients by combining unique modalities into our therapy. We treat emotional and subtance abuse issues with which our clients are struggling in a supportive atmosphere.  Our premiere staff provides individual, group, couples and family counseling.

Adult and Adolescent Treatment specialization includes:

  • Therapy for Depression and Anxiety
  • Couples and Marital Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Parenting Support
  • Grief Counseling
  • Work and Career issues
  • Stress Management
  • Addiction & Recovery 
  • Health Coaching

Adolescent Mental Health Treatment:
During the unique phase of adolescents some teens experience significant depression and stress which seem unmanageable. Depressive symptoms may evidence themselves differently from one teen to another in the form of sadness anger, cutting and moodiness. Intervention Strategies provides a comfortable place to therapeutically work through family and peer issues on an individual basis.  Parents often express difficulty getting their teens to engage in treatment and our therapists assist in this process. 

Adolescent Substance Use:
Adolescence can be a time in which strong peer influence and a search for identity can lead teens astray.  Alcohol and drug use among teens has reached epidemic proportions in New Jersey. Whether an adolescent is an early user or has developed a more serious dependence we have an intensive and educational approach to help achieve a drug free life. Whether parents have developed their own concerns or the school has become involved we are here to help.

Adult Substance Abuse:
Many adults who struggle with substance abuse are functioning as homemakers, executives and professionals.  This can make it difficult to see why treatment is so vitally important.  Our therapists understand these dynamics and will assist you in strategically planning your life and identifying your individual obstacles that prevent you from reaching your maximum potential. 

Health Coaching: 

Intervention Strategies has licensed therapists who are also certified health coaches and professional trainers. Health coaching combines nutritional guidance, exercise prescription, counseling and suggestions for how to best cope with stressors in life.  Health coaching explores emotional, behavioral, nutritional, exercise and lifestyle factors to help enhance well-being and provide support as you strive to reach  your goals. It is common for individuals to utilize their personal trainers as "therapists". Our professional trainers truly are therapists and have the education and experience to provide the counseling you need. 

Grief Counseling: 

Grieving a loved one lasts a lifetime. People often feel alone as they attempt to tread water and pick up the pieces of their lives.  How one processes grief may change one's life. There is no timeline to "get over" a death, there's only time. Our Grief Certified Counselors (GC-C) are able to assist individuals after tragic loss to navigate through emotions and rebuild their lives. In addition to individual session, small groups are valuable as participants share their stories and personal memories, honor the loss in their lives, identify emotions and how to express them, and identify realistic coping strategies. 

Specialized Services for First Responders and Their Families:   Image result for image police hat

Because of the unique roll first responders play in helping our public ISI provides an array of programs for the First Responder and their families to help support them in the extraordinary demands that they experience each and every day in servicing their community.

  • Individual and group support
  • Counselors that have experience dealing with the complexities and unusual stressors on the First Responders and their families. 
  • Alcohol and chemical dependency issues
  • Enhanced self defense training

Psychiatric and Psychological Evaluations:

Our elite psychiatrists and psychologists conduct comprehensive evaluations for treatment planning, school referrals and legal matters.